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An add-on bag for our soft luggage system "Travel Bag"

An add-on bag for our soft luggage system "Travel Bag"

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*For Longer Trips:
Should our standard travel bag really be too small at times, you can quickly and easily attach this add-on bag to increase your luggage capacity by 11 more litres of space. This add-on bag is simply and easily attached on top of the main bag with strong, high-quality insert clasps.

*For Shorter Trips:
Should your existing standard travel bag seem to be too big for a small trip, this add-on bag can also be mounted directly on the base plate used for the travel bag!

*For Camping Trips:
As an alternative, this small add-on bag can also be used as a tank pack with the optional mounting kit (01-655-1000-0), leaving the space on top of the large travel bag free for carrying a tent or luggage bag.

- A large cover flap allows easy top access to the main compartment.
-The two outer bags are in contrasting colours.
-All zippers are of water-repellent, two-way design.
-A bungee cord with a reflective coating positioned on the top side allows small items, such as gloves, to be quickly and securely held in place.
-Recessed reflectors increase visibility.
-Made of high-strength, Teflon-coated 1100 Dtex Cordura fabric.
- Sewn-on plastic retaining rings enable use as a knapsack or shoulder bag.
-A soft, slip-resistant bottom ensures secure positioning and prevents paint damage.
-Colour is grey/black with an elaborately embroidered Touratech logo.
-With its strong, rugged plastic handle, the bag can be easily transported, even when fully loaded.
-When optionally used as a tank-mounted pack, the zipper covers on the sides prevent paint damage.
-Side reinforcements help the travel bag to maintain a stable shape, even when only partially loaded.
-These reinforcements can be easily unzipped and removed, such as when washing the bag, and their hidden inner pockets can be used as "secret compartments" for storing important documents.
-When not in use, all the insert clasps can be directly stored flutter-free in matching sewn-on pockets.

When it comes to its appearance and technology the add-on bag really goes well together with our main pillion-style travel bag as one assembly.

Made of Teflon-coated CORDURA fabric, which is water-repellent and dirt-resistant.

Please note: Use paint protection film if necessary! (Item number 01-101-0100-0)

Please refer to the list of compatible bikes under "Additional Information."

Made in Germany by KAHEDO.

Colour: black/grey
Size (L x W x H): approx. 39 x 28 x 23 cm
Capacity: approx. 11 litres


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