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BLACK-T shock absorber stage3 for BMW R18 from 2020 with expansion tank to allow use of the BMW OEM HPA

BLACK-T shock absorber stage3 for BMW R18 from 2020 with expansion tank to allow use of the BMW OEM HPA

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The Black-T shock absorber stage3 is a significant suspension upgrade for your BMW R18. The expansion tank of the stage3 shock absorber also facilitates fine compression adjustment and makes the high-performance separating piston design possible. The original BMW hydraulic spring preload with its hand wheel is still used and is integrated into the shock absorber. This allows for easy and precise adjustment of balance and damping to suit your requirements. The hydraulic spring preload allows loading to be adjusted for trips with two persons and/or luggage. Separate adjustability of tension and compression adds the finishing touches to this high-end fine tuning. Black-T High-Performance Suspension for every road condition and purpose - whether BAB/motorways, main roads, smallest country roads or a fast, ambitious riding style. A completely new experience in comfort and riding dynamics for your BMW R18.

Key facts:

- We recommend having the shock absorber converted and installed by a specialist workshop.

- This shock absorber has been configured and prepared for the BMW R18 based on our experience.

- The parameters are: vehicle weight / shock absorber linkage / construction factors / test drives.

- The rear and front of the motorcycle should be adjusted for all suspension solutions.

Technology information:

- Black-T shock absorber with gas/oil - separating piston design

- Spring preload adjustable via original BMW spring preload

- Stepless progressive black spring

- 50 click adjustable rebound damping

- 30 click adjustable compression

- Compression adjustable to high & low speed

- 16 mm piston rod

- 46 mm piston diameter

The basic set-up installed here is designed for riders weighing up to 100 kg plus motorcycle clothing. Adjustments for much higher payloads or other exceptional requirements are possible. We then adapt the shock absorber to meet your individual needs.

Scope of delivery:

- Ready-to-install Black-T Stage3 shock absorber.

- BMW hydraulic spring preload is

  transferred from the original BMW shock absorber.

- GOP documents (online)

- Conversion and assembly instructions

If you have further questions,

we will be happy to advise you personally. Please contact us.

Email Phone +49 (0)7728-9279-1555

Please use our suspension check list and send us the completed form.


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