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TOURATECH Connect APP inclusive Hardware for BMW R1250GS/GSA/R/RS/RT, BMW R1200GS/GSA (08/2015-)/R (02/2015-)/RS (all)/RT (08/2014-)

TOURATECH Connect APP inclusive Hardware for BMW R1250GS/GSA/R/RS/RT, BMW R1200GS/GSA (08/2015-)/R (02/2015-)/RS (all)/RT (08/2014-)

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fit's all BMW R 1250 GS/GSA, R 1250 R, R 1250 RS,R 1250 RT

as well as BMW R 1200 GS/GSA from 08/2015, R 1200 R from 02/2015, R 1200 RS all, BMW R 1200 RT from 08/2014

Show your performance!

Every tour tells its own story.
Now you can analyze every ride in detail with the new TOURATECH CONNECT app.
It provides dozens of interesting informations out of 8 different functional areas. It also helps to keep your eyes on and share your performance as a rider.

The hardware gets the information directly from the CanBus, so it is not effected by the limitations of the ODB2 interface. It is attached there, vehicle-specifically, to existing connection plugs via "Plug'n'Play". Special technical knowledge is not required for this.

You receive information from the following areas:
Engine (gear, speed, ...)
Lighting (turn signals, break light, ...)
Brakes (brake power units, forces, ...)
Switches & levers (states of lever, side stand, ...)
Driving dynamics (acceleration, lean angle, ...)
Extremes (slide and drift duration, ...)
Special functions (gear changes, driving time, rests recommendation, ...)
States (tank filling, ...)

In total, more than 60 values for the operating state of the motorcycle and the driving dynamics.  The parameters of many functions are preset, but can be customized by the user.
You can decide yourself which data you want to see, in which size and on which position they are displayed. You can track up to 36 features on your screen at the same time.

The smartphone application is available for the two main mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

TOURATECH CONNECT uses "Bluetooth Low Energy" to guarantee long battery life. Another advantage, other features such as telephony or navigation can be used in parallel.

TOURATECH CONNECT remains permanently connected to the motorcycle and as long as ignition is on, it continuously delivers information to the rider's cell phone - during the ride and afterwards. The system works completely OFFLINE, an Internet connection is not necessary.

Scope of delivery:

Smartphone application for download (iOS & Android)
Hardware component
Adapter cable

New functionalities "Release 2021/11

New, additional vehicles
- BMW R 1200 R from 02/2015
- BMW R 1200 RS all models
- BMW R 1200 RT from 08/2014

- BMW R 1250 R all models
- BMW R 1250 RS all models
- BMW R 1250 RT all models

New display function
- Height above sea level
- Inclination (max. and average curve value) can now be displayed and evaluated separately for right and left hand side

NEW: Recording feature
- Create recording on/off switch
- Recording overview, grouped by date
- Display of route, distance, time, highest point & lowest point.
- Recording view with display of all display functions active during recording as line graphs with time reference.
- Time axis with absolute and relative time. Indicator for the current time in all graphs and the map.
- Graphs with time axis zoom and map with map zoom
- Map automatically centers to new position
- Many graphs with gradient display. Gradient zones are vehicle specific
- Advanced graph analysis with categorization and percentages where useful
- Full screen view for the graphs and the map. Full screen view allows zoom in both axes and free movement
- GPX export of the route
- Logbook for all vehicle specific memory values (maximum values, best values as well as counter values). View and delete individual and all memory values. Change of display unit
- Short names for all display functions

NEW: image splitting feature
- Map can be freely zoomed, panned and rotated so that the route is not obscured by the advertising banner or to hide the residence
- Selection of a data graph
- Customization of output format, portrait, landscape, square

NEW: Transfer options
- Record files can be exported to any location, e.g. download folder
- Export of all app data as zip file. This can be used to create backups or when changing phones
- Intelligent import of all app data as a zip file. The data sets are not exchanged, but added sensibly

NEW: Pin feature
- Graphs can be pinned for direct comparison (in portrait mode) so direct comparison of data with each other is even easier
- When the map is pinned, in addition to zooming, it is also possible to pan the map

NEW: Structural improvements
- "Labeled" mode for all data display fields
- Additional app setting "Remember dongle pin" the pin is stored in the app and filled in automatically. However, the pin is not displayed permanently visible in the app, but as "*****"
- Added more predefined dashboards and templates
- Enhanced color design in the design area with a black/white opacity slider
- Splitscreen functionality for Android (multiple apps side by side)


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